Rocky Mountain Resource Holdings (“RMR”) is a limited liability company that acquires and develops natural resource assets. RMR focuses on the identification, acquisition and monetization of unique natural resource assets that require specialized operating capabilities. Target assets include oil and gas reserves; agribusinesses; energy infrastructure; and industrial minerals and chemicals. RMR seeks to utilize its differentiated operational capabilities to outperform conventional operators through diverse markets. Principals of RMR have been active natural resource investors and operators for a combined 75 years and have worked together for over a decade. The firm has offices in Los Angeles and Denver.

RMR’s proven strategy focuses on the formation, development, and monetization of scalable natural resource enterprises. RMR seeks to leverage its deep industry relationships to facilitate off-market acquisitions of private assets, including family-owned assets, in the midst of both asset and generational transitions. Principals and affiliates of RMR have played a key role in the founding and principal financing of companies which have raised over $1 billion of capital, including public market listings.