Rocky Mountain Resources

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About Rocky Mountain Resources

Rocky Mountain Resources (RMR) is a private organization that is dedicated to owning natural resource and infrastructure assets.

RMR’s team has over 75 years of discovering, financing, and operating multifaceted businesses.

RMR’s industrial complex consists of independently owned operations and direct investments sponsored by RMR and co-financed by institutions and family offices.

Alaska Cargo & Cold Storage

Runway-adjacent cold storage development project located in Anchorage, AK

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Colorado Rail Center & Limestone Quarry

Colorado-based industrial infrastructure and logistics enterprise

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Nebraska Nitrogen

Anhydrous ammonia production facility in Geneva, NE

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Russell Westbrook Enterprises Partnership

Partnership to make impact investments directed to at-risk communities based in Los Angeles, CA

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Western Meadowlark Energy

Oil & gas operations in the Rocky Mountain region

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Renewable Resources

Agriculture, Water and other Renewable Resources

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Professional Sports

Global professional sport ownership

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Youth Sports

Youth sports and entertainment complex

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Our Team


Chad Brownstein

Founder and Chairman

Dr. Barry Munitz

Founding Partner

Jonathan Ma


Heidi Kelly

Chief Operating Officer